Make Boondoggle Tug Toy for your dog or a 4-H project

Hi Folks,   This is how I take my old t-shirts and polo’s shirts and turn them into Boondoggle toys for dogs.   I find if I have many strips cut and ready to go, they are perfect for making while we are traveling.  As my husband does the driving, I can be creative.   This is also a perfect 4-H project for any club.   One thing about boondoggle is you can use any bendy material….even baling string.  Yes, I said baling string!   I was desperate with 2 bored kids one day and this project kept them busy.   I think my son tried using the finished project as rope, not really sure what he did with it, but he was a busy boy that day.


Step #1) Take old t-shirts or old polo shirts 


Step #2) Cut strips about 2 inches wide.  There is NO set width anywhere between 2” – 3”  I am using 4 different colors to show “how” to make the know easy.

Step #3) Cut 1 end of the strip to make a VERY long strip.   Hint – the larger the shirt 2XL will make a longer strip = a longer toy


Step #4) Stack the strips on top of one another and tie a knot in the end.

Step #5) Open up the stack,  lay out the strips going 4 different ways.

Step #6) Your first knot – it is the hardest.  Take the green strip and fold it down – Take the blue strip and fold it up.  Leaving loops that your fingers can go through (not tight)

Step #7) Keeping going!  This part makes the actual “Boon Doggle Knot”   Take the Gray & White Strip and fold it over the Blue strip and then under the Green Strip.   Then take the solid gray strip and fold it over the Green Strip and under the Blue strip.


Step #8) PULL it TIGHT!!!  The tighter the knots, the less likely is “Fido” will tear it apart.  You will need to adjust the know several times before you are happy.

Step #9) Just keep going and your tug toy will get longer and longer.


Step #10) Keep making THIGHT knots.   The tighter your knots are the longer you tug toy will be.


Step #11) The loose ends I tie a simple knot.  I tie the solid gray & gray/white strip, then the green & blue strip.   I do this 2 times.

Step#12) Trim the loose ends to the same length.  This step is not necessary, but it makes the tug toy look better.