Turn your old sweatshirt into a dog/lamb/kid goat bed

Hi,  Have you ever wondered what to do in a pinch when you need a place for the newborn in the barn or you just forgot the dog’s bed while camping?    The instructions below I grabbed from the internet, quite some time ago.   I made my pillow bed and what I did is in red.   See my picture(s) of my finished bed below.


You will need: an old sweatshirt, bed pillow, polyfill or other stuffing, one lucky dog.
1. stuff sleeves and shoulder/collar area of sweatshirt (you might need to put in a few stitches to create a "pocket" in the body of the shirt.) 
I used rolled up old kitchen towels

2. insert pillow through bottom of shirt.   I used an old bed pillow

3. stitch end of sleeves together I only added enough stitches to keep the cuffs together.   See the black thread…...

4. attach pillow "ring" to bed bottom with a few stitches. Enjoy!
Ok, I did not end up with a “pillow ring”  and I did add a few stitches to close the head hole in the sweatshirt.  But in the end, I have a quick bed for either my dog, or a little one that needs help from the barn.  This will get them up off the floor on a cold winter’s day.


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Parker is about 40 pounds and the sweatshirt I used is a 2XL.   Here is Parker on the bed; he really did not understand “why” I wanted him to lay down on the bed.   He earned some treats from me, by doing this. 

This bed only took me 20 minutes to put together.  What a quick bed to make when you are in a hurry.    This bed is completely washable for future use.